Lesson of the Week: 10 (of Many) Homophones Your Students Should Know

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10 (of Many) Homophones Your Students Should Know by Sojourner White (Spain ETA)

Could you bare it if I were to right a sentence wear all the words sound, but don’t look, correct? English is a tricky language for non-native speakers so help out your students with a brief overview about homophones. Choose some of your favorites to educate your students on this contextual difference. This lesson is only the beginning to demonstrate the complexity of English and can be easily adapted using more homophones because their are a lot to choose from!

The artistic aspect of the lesson goes more in-depth and is great to use based on the ability of your students to work independently and in groups or pairs.

A full explanation of the lesson can be downloaded with the following links:

  1. Homophones Lesson
  2. Homophones PowerPoint

Don’t forget to come back next week for a hole whole new activity for your classroom!

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