Lesson of the Week: Slang

Slang by Ayat Abourashed (Indonesia ETA)

Let’s be real. We teach students in Indonesia very formal English. That’s all great, but when students are watching American movies or listening to pop, they hear a lot of informal language. My students always ask about slang, and they should learn it. Realistically, if they go abroad, people use slang 24/7.

I created a lesson plan that goes over some common slang Americans use. I did this during a session for English Camp at my school. I even brought along my Australian neighbor Siobhan, and we did American vs. Australian slang. Whether you do the lesson with just the American slang or with another English dialect, the students will absolutely love getting to learn how speak like true Americans.

Download the lesson materials using the following links:

  1. Lesson Plan with List of American and Australian Slang

Check back next week for a new lesson!

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