Lesson of the Week: Music Review

Music Review by Shamara Battle (South Korea ETA)

It’s time for another lesson from South Korea!

If your students are anything like here in Korea, they probably have certain music that they go crazy for. So, this week we’re bringing you a simple, but fun, lesson where your students can become music critics. This lesson was made for elementary-level students, but can certainly be tweaked for higher level students, or used for lower-level middle school students.

The lesson is designed to allow students to practice the phrases “I think…”, “I think it’s…” and “It was…” while talking about music videos for popular songs from Korea and America. In the lesson PowerPoint, examples are given for rating songs and giving an opinion on whether the song is scary, boring, interesting, amazing, etc. Students can then fill out a rating sheet for each of a series of music videos chosen by the teacher. The lesson includes both American and Korean videos, but feel free to change them up to make the list entirely American music, or keep most of what’s there and add in some of your students’ favorite songs!!

You can see some examples of student work from Shamara’s class (they REALLY like the Korean boy group, BTS) by following Fulbridge on Instagram! More music related lessons from Korea can also be found in the Fulbridge Lesson Database. Materials for this lesson can be downloaded with the following links:

  1. Music Critic Lesson Description
  2. Music Critic PowerPoint
  3. Music Critic Worksheet

Keep your eyes open next week for another Lesson of the Week from Indonesia!



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