Lesson of the Week: Travel Snapchat


Travel to Tanzania Snapchat by Grace Lee (South Korea ETA)

Our last lesson post for the year (farewell, 2016) is to help you get a jump on planning for after winter break. If you’re planning to travel during the break, share your experience with your students when you return! If your students are anything like mine, they always take an interest pictures or videos of food and foreign places.

As an example of how to share your trip, we’re highlighting another lesson from elementary ETA Grace Lee. The lesson PowerPoint highlights important vocabulary, and introduces the country visited before sharing Grace’s personal pictures and experiences there. The activity to follow allows students to create a series of Snapchat pictures and sentences to describe a trip that they have taken while using key expressions from class.

The lesson materials can be downloaded with the following links:

  1. Lesson Description
  2. Student Worksheet
  3. Snapchat Examples
  4. Tanzania PowerPoint

Check our lesson catalog again in 2017 to see more exciting and fun lessons from other ETA’s!!

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