Lesson of the Week: Winter Camp

Travel Around the World by Grace Lee (South Korea ETA)

Winter Break is fast approaching, and for many that also means winter camp planning.

So, while you’re making up those plans and materials for camp, this week we want to share a world travel idea from a past elementary ETA to help you out. The camp was organized for 3rd-6th grade students, with each grade coming for five days, and for 40 minutes during each day. In the first lesson, students make passports that they can use to earn stamps while participating in the camp. Each of the next three days includes a lesson on a different country, followed by a fun activity like flyswatter or Uno. On the last day of the camp, the students make pizza together and then watch the movie Elf (this movie has been a HUGE hit with my elementary students, they love it).

Even if you already have your theme picked out, this lesson has some great ideas for fun activities that can be integrated into your developing lesson plans, or saved for the next semester!

Click on the following links to download all of the documents and presentations:

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Introduction PowerPoint
  3. Passport Template
  4. Brazil PowerPoint
  5. Italy PowerPoint
  6. Italy Scavenger Hunt Pictures
  7. Italy Scavenger Hunt Checklist
  8. USA PowerPoint
  9. Cooking Pizza PowerPoint


NEXT WEEK: Going somewhere for winter break? Enjoy using Snapchat? Check back next week for a lesson you can use to share your travel stories with your students while teaching them about Snapchat!



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