Lesson of the Week: Figurative Language in Songs

“Figurative Language in Songs” contributed by an Indonesia ETA

Pop songs can be one of the most effective methods to get English language learners excited about class time. Why not use them as an easy gateway to teach your students about literary devices? Our latest Lesson of the Week, contributed by an Indonesia ETA, introduces four different kinds of figurative language: metaphors, similes, personification, and hyperboles, and asks students to evaluate song lyrics to differentiate between the different types. Later, students produce their own lyrics or poetry using the all four kinds of figurative language. You can access materials for the lesson below:

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Demi Lovato “Skyscraper” lyrics
  3. Michael Buble “Everything” lyrics

That’s what we’ve got for this week, but remember to come back again for our final LotW of June!

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