Lesson of the Week: Party Planning Team Project

Party Planning Team Project by Jessica Chamorro

Are you nearing the end of the semester and want to do something special for your students? Why not plan a party? Or rather, why not have your students plan a party?

For our latest Lesson of the Week, South Korea ETA Jessica Chamorro introduces various kinds of parties and relevant vocabulary before dividing her students into teams and giving them the liberty to plan their own party. With the guidance of a shared party planner notebook, students take on specific roles and create their plan. Working together, students brainstorm and develop ideas on what food to serve, how to schedule the events, what music to play, where the party should be located, what the theme should be, and what activities they should have. This lesson is designed to take up two to three 50-minute class periods. You can download the materials for it below:

  1. Presentation File
  2. Party Planning Notebook

We’ll be taking a break during the month of July, so you won’t be getting any fabulous features from us for a while. :’( However, don’t forget that we have a Google Drive database chock-full of great lesson materials for your perusal. From all of us on the Fulbridge team, have a great summer!

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