Lesson Resource of the Month: Warm-Up and Filler Activities

Warm-Up and Filler Activities (Materials contributed by multiple ETAs)

Thinking in another language is hard. In order to prepare our students’ minds for a full lesson of English grammar, conversation, or some other topic, it is often best to use the first few minutes of class doing some sort of non-demanding warm-up activity to get the English-language gears in students’ brains going. If you’re searching for ideas of good starter activities to use for your classes, then our newest Lesson Resource of the Month, “Warm-Up and Filler Activities”, may be just the thing for you! We have a file folder full of short, simple activities including anagram puzzles, compound word exercises, and more to launch into class in an engaging manner. Many of these activities are also great to have on hand if class ends a little bit early, and you have to keep rambunctious students busy until the bell rings.

While the majority of these activities have been designed for middle and high school students, many may be adapted for students of both higher and lower skill and maturity levels. You can explore the warm-up and filler materials put together by multiple ETAs here.

That’s it for our Lesson Resource of the Month, but remember to keep checking back for the rest of June for more great lesson plans!

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