Lesson Resource of the Month: Bomb Games II


Bomb Games II by multiple contributors

For our last Lesson Resource of the Month for 2017, we have decided to supplement one of our most popular lesson catalog blog posts from the past: Best Bomb Game Templates. If you have access to a computer and projector in your classroom, bomb games can be a fun, engaging way for your students to review and practice what they have learned in previous lessons. The bomb games featured in this post are from various contributors and should be easily editable for your needs.

Happy Bunnies by Joshua Brandon (South Korea ETA), modified from Waygook.org 


For a cute, elementary-friendly bomb game, check out this Happy Bunnies bomb game which South Korea ETA Joshua Brandon modified from a post on Waygook.org. Josh’s materials can be downloaded below:




  1. Instructions
  2. Simple Template
  3. Bomb Game Template

Snowball Fight by Andrew on Waygook.org


For a winter-themed bomb game, take a look at this bomb game by original poster Andrew on Waygook.org, featuring scenes from Calvin and Hobbes. You can download the game here.

Wonder Woman by Rebecca Brower (South Korea ETA)


Looking for stronger female representation when featuring superheroes in your lessons? This Wonder Woman bomb game from South Korea ETA Rebecca Brower may be just right for you. The game file can be downloaded here.

Zelda by Jennifer Yong and Tyler Van Arsdale on Waygook.org

Are you a fan of the Legend of Zelda video game series? Are your students? Then this may be the right bomb game for you. You can download it here.

Overwatch by perpetualjoy on Waygook.org


Are your students into more recent games? They’ll probably be excited about this bomb game then, featuring characters and scenes from one of the most popular computer games from the past couple of years: Overwatch. You can access the file for this game here.


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