Lesson of the Week: Best Bomb Game Templates


Best Bomb Games by Kyle Ludeke, Jennifer Yong, Laci Teacher, Stemarty, and Goyangi

These awesome bomb games were tried and tasted many times, and found on waygook.org. I provided credit for the bomb game makers!

If you’ve never played a bomb game before, it’s good mainly for elementary-younger middle schoolers. The concept is that students answer questions (usually the standard is 20 questions).

There’s a lot of bomb games out there, from simple ones to super interactive and complicated ones. Some even feel like real video games. You can definitely find a lot more bomb games, especially on waygook.org, but I’m just going to share the ones I’ve played and my friends have played, and that all our students have loved the most.

Materials Needed

  • White boards, markers, erasers (if you want the students to practice writing)

Bomb Game Rules

You organize students into teams, and go in order of teams. In a bomb game usually students can: earn a random number of points, can steal points from another team, can swap points, can lose all points, or worst of all they can get a…BOMB. A bomb means all teams lose ALL points. There’s a lot of bomb game variations, so make sure you play through ahead of class to make sure you understand how it works.

Here’s some things you may want to consider doing depending on how you want to play the bomb game:

  1. Allow students to create team names (I usually just assign numbers, but they may like making names too!)
  2. Play with white boards (if you want them to practice writing. If not, or if they are too young, you can just let them “say” the answers instead).
  3. The good thing with bomb games is you want to always change the questions depending on the subject. It’s mainly for unit or lesson review. So you can make all sorts of questions: quiz them on vocab with photos, have them unscramble words, have them fill in the blanks, multiple choice, etc. You can focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening, almost anything you want! You make the questions~

How to Play Bomb Games

To play you let the team whose “turn” it is to select a letter, and answer the question. Here’s a tip…

I usually have all teams answer questions– this is to make sure all students in class are involved. For correct answers, I give 1 point. The team, however, whose turn it is, gets the 1 point if they answer correctly, plus whatever additional points get earned on their turn. If the students answer incorrectly, they don’t earn any points, and their “turn” ends. No matter what result, I always have all students read the correct answer after each question.

Note, some of these games I’m sharing aren’t completely blank. They have questions made already from my previous lessons ^.^ Just delete and make sure you change all questions for your classes!

I’m organizing the games in order of most simple (least interactive) >most complicated (most interactive). If you’ve never played a bomb game before, I suggest starting out simple and working your way up!~~

Now without further ado…I present the best bomb games I’ve found, that my students went completely crazy over!!!


batman1 batman2

by Kyle Ludeke

Another super hero bomb game! This one is slightly more interactive than the Iron Man game. You catch “villains” for points and can randomly come across slides with “3 presents” from the Joker. Students can pick 1 present randomly to see the outcome.

[Click Here to Download]

Super Mario Bros. Classroom Blast 

mario20q1 mario20q2 mario20q3

By Jennifer Yong

This is a pretty standard and simple 20 questions bomb game. Students choose a “mushroom” with a letter on it for their turn. They can earn points, swap points, etc. and also instead of points, a random slide with 3 boxes with question marks will come up! The team chooses a box to determine their outcome 🙂

[Click Here to Download]


pokemon1 pokemon2 pokemon3

By Kyle Ludeke

This is another really fun one! Kids really love this, I mean, who doesn’t love Pokemon? This bomb game has your standard way of earning points, but is great because depending on what Pokemon is inside of the clickable pokeballs, students can earn different amounts of “XP” or points. Team Rocket also makes an appearance, and students also can get random screens with 3 pokeballs, where they have to choose one!


Also this bomb game, and the following are large and come in folders, so they’re on Fulbridge’s Google Drive. Be sure to download all the font files in the folders, and keep the PPT game saved with the music files in the same folder for them to work together!

[Click Here to Download on Google Drive]

Naruto Bang

naruto1 naruto2 naruto3 naruto5 naruto4

By Stemarty

This bomb game is similar to the Super Mario Galaxy, and is made by the same creator. It has 2 levels, but, the fun element to this game is that it’s also similar to Mystery Box games (you can see this game in my 5 Best Tech Games post HERE).

It’s mystery box + bomb game in one. If the students choose to open the random box, they can either have something good, or bad happen to them!! 🙂 This game is probably the most interactive out of all of the bomb games in this thread~

[Click Here to Download on Google Drive]

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  1. Kathie Healy

    Hi, this is a great post. The games are amazing and my students love them. I just want to point out a grammar mistake on the first Iron Man PPT question. “Your welcome” is written as an answer.
    Thanks again!

  2. Warwick English

    Absolute legend, thanks so so much for the games, these are gold. I have tried downloading the Pokemon folder but it appears to be empty. Is there any way I can get it from you?

    1. Zoë Gioja

      Hi Warwick! The link went awry when we reorganized our database, but we’ve updated the post to include the correct link to the Pokemon folder now. Thanks for your patience!

  3. Kelsey

    Just so you know, the link for the Super Mario game links to the Pokemon Google drive. Is there any way to get ahold of the Super Mario download??

    1. Zoë Gioja

      Hi Kelsey,

      I just fixed the link, so it should lead to the Super Mario bomb game in the Google Drive now. Apologies for the mistake there!

  4. Abe McLaughlin

    These are awesome though both the Pokebomb and Mario Galaxy bomb don’t seem to work anymore and the orig designers have put everything behind a paywall now.

    The others are nice though, thanks a lot.

    1. Robyn Kincaide

      Hi Abe,
      The link for the Pokemon bomb game should now be working again, but we have lost access to the Mario Galaxy game and have subsequently deleted from the original post. Thank you for your comment!

      1. Abe McLaughlin

        Pokemon is still not working as it keeps looking for internet settings (that it says it can’t find). The others on the list are nice and work. I don’t have any idea how people made these but they are awesome and I wish there were so many more to use. 😀 Thanks.

        1. Ian

          Three years too late, but for anyone still trying to use these excellent games: The Pokemon game can be fixed if you right click on each hyperlink element, click “Edit Hyperlink,” then redirect it to the correct slide within the presentation itself, rather than an online folder, as it’s currently set to. You can see what slide number each element is supposed to link to in the name of the online hyperlink address, so it’s an easy, although slightly tedious, fix.

    1. Robyn Kincaide

      We have lost access to the Super Mario Galaxy game and have subsequently removed it from our original post. We apologize for any inconvenience, but encourage you to check out the other options for PowerPoint bomb games featured!

  5. Lynn

    Hello! Why is the Pokemon Game File is empty now? It will be appreciated a lot that somebody would upload it again. Thank you so much for the amazing class materials! 🙂

  6. Lee

    Hello. Thanks for the great content.
    I was wondering if i could get some help. I tried using the Pokemon and Naruto game thus far but when I click on the hyperlinks they try to connect to the internet. Does anyone know how to get around this or know what I missed? Thanks.

  7. Peter

    Hi guys,
    I’m having the same issue, I click on one of the poke balls and it tries to connect to a server unsuccessfully.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Robyn Kincaide

      Hi Peter and Lee,
      The problems with the links may be due to some reformatting issues as the file was uploaded and/or downloaded. This should be editable (somewhat tediously) by going into the link menu in your PowerPoint program and resetting the individual objects to link to slides within the PPT document itself rather than an outside server. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

  8. Kyle L

    Some of the original PPT files have been beaten up through the Office updates.

    The original Pokemon file was 25+ MB though, and this upload seems to be quite smaller.

    It looks like Waygook did go to a “paywall” system, but I am not involved in the operation of Waygook.

    I’d be happy to send the original file to you. The links still seem to be working on my computer 🙂


  9. Renee

    I’m in the process of editing the Naruto version (Thank you!) and it looks like there were sounds attached. They were only pictures when I downloaded the file and the sounds don’t play when I play the original through Google Drive. I checked Waygook, but I don’t see any link to the original there. I’m in the process of adding my own sounds, but I’m curious as to what the original was.

    1. Robyn Kincaide

      You will have to download the file as a PPT and then edit it on your own computer. You will not be able to edit it through Google Drive.

  10. Jazzy

    Hi!Thanks for all these incredible bomb games.Can’t wait to use them in my class.But I have a problem on the pokemon bomb and the Naruto bomb.It appears that I can’t download them.Can somebody help me on this.Thank you so much and your help is very much appreciated.Have a nice day.

    1. Robyn Kincaide

      Hi Jasmin,
      You should be able to follow links to the Google Drive file, and download it from there by clicking File > Download as… > Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx). I hope this helps.

  11. David Onuoha

    I know it’s late but can someone help me with both the Naruto and Pokemon game. They both keep issuing something about the internet when you go to the letters. Thanks and good job.

    1. Luna

      I really love these PPT, I am a teacher from China, and I saw your PPT from Biying,then I bought a web to connect Google, but I can’t download them.. could you please send” Naruto Bnag” “Mario” and “Pokemo” to me? Hope you will see my message! Thank you so much! hughillbannister06@gmail.com

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