Lesson(s) of the Week: Winter Snowflakes & Snow Day

Winter Snowflakes by Amelea Kim (South Korea ETA) & Snow Day contributed by Czech Republic ETAs

We’re heading deeper into December, and in many parts of the world (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), that means the weather’s getting pretty chilly. With this colder weather, there’s also a strong potential for fluffy white flakes to start falling from the sky. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny that snow is actually quite beautiful, with an almost mystical splendor to its dazzling whiteness. Children especially tend to be fond of snow, which is why this week we are featuring not one, but two, lessons centered around snow.

Our first lesson, “Winter Snowflakes”, was designed by former South Korea Elementary ETA Amelea Kim. Students first share what they like about winter and snow before designing and cutting out their own unique snowflakes. You can access her presentation file here.

Lesson number 2, “Snow Day”, is contributed by Czech Republic ETAs. It introduces students to the concept of those days so beloved by students in the northern parts of the USA before leading into discussion questions about winter and snow. You can download the presentation file for this lesson here.

Stay warm in this winter weather (if you have to), and check back in next week for a Christmas lesson as the holidays approach!

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