Lesson of the Week: World Leaders of Nonviolence

World Leaders of Nonviolence by Lia Sacks (India ETA)

Although many of us may be unaware, the International Day of Nonviolence is approaching. This day was set on October 2nd, the birthdate of Mahatma Gandhi, a pioneer of achieving social change through nonviolent methods who inspired many others to follow his example of peaceful protest.

To help her students commemorate this day, India ETA Lia Sacks designed this lesson, “World Leaders of Nonviolence”. This lesson allows students to practice comparing and contrasting information in English through what they learn about both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Her comprehensive lesson plan also encourages students to consider how they would resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

You can download the materials for this lesson below:

  1. Presentation File
  2. Reading Passages
  3. Worksheet
  4. Comparison Chart

That’s it for our September lessons, but remember to check back in October for more!

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