Lesson of the Week: Popsicle Stick Storytelling

Popsicle Stick Storytelling by Emily Donlon (Bulgaria ETA)

All ESL teachers will likely agree that the imagination and creativity of our students frequently surprises us and keeps us on our toes—it’s one of the best things about teaching. If you’re looking for a way to encourage your students to stretch their imaginations while speaking in English, our Lesson of the Week, “Popsicle Stick Storytelling” by Bulgaria ETA Emily Donlon may be just the thing for you. In this activity, student groups work together to narrate a story on the spot, picking popsicle sticks at random which define what genre the story should be and what words they should include. You can access the lesson plan and a list of suggested genres and vocabulary here.

Happy storytelling! Be sure to check back next week for more great lesson content from ETAs!

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