Lesson of the Week: Christmas


Christmas Food and Ornaments by Morgan Kinsinger (South Korea ETA)


To follow last week’s Hanukkah lesson, this week we’re keeping with the holiday spirit and bringing you a lesson for Christmas. Created by a second-year ETA in South Korea, the lesson is for secondary level students, but can also be used at the elementary level.

The first part of the lesson is a “real or fake?” quiz about Christmas food, followed by other quiz questions about Christmas. The second part of the lesson is making different Christmas ornaments, while playing music in the background of course. The PowerPoint includes different ideas for ornaments, and some YouTube links for instructions.

Because the lesson includes making ornaments, you will need to plan ahead to gather the supplies you need (paper, ribbon, stencils, scissors, glue, etc.), depending on what you choose to make with your students. Your English classroom should be well decorated in no time!!

Click the following link to download the PowerPoint:

<Christmas Food and Ornaments>

Next week’s post will be about winter camp lessons, so be sure to check back!


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