Lesson of the Week: Speaking Test Unit – Solving Problems

Speaking Test Unit – Solving Problems by Erin Slocum (South Korea ETA)

One of the biggest challenges ESL teachers face is determining how to assess students’ speaking abilities. Such a variety of factors are involved in speaking another language that it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s why for our Lesson of the Week this time around we are sharing an entire unit plan designed by former South Korea ETA Erin Slocum to prepare her students for their speaking assessment. In teams, students choose a problem at the school or national level, evaluate causes, effects, and solutions, and design a presentation. Erin’s unit is designed to take four class periods, but it could be easily adapted based on your students’ needs and any time constraints you as a teacher may have. You can access the materials for this unit below.

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Checklist Worksheet
  3. Worksheet #1
  4. Worksheet #2
  5. Worksheet #3
  6. Listening Worksheet
  7. Presentation rubric

Good luck to you and your students through speaking test time! Remember to check back next week for more great lesson materials.

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