Lesson of the Week: Privilege Walk

Privilege Walk by Meg Dale (Bulgaria ETA)

Last week was the Thanksgiving holiday—a time for coming together with family and reflecting on the things in our lives for which we are most thankful. While this is generally a heart-warming, rewarding experience, for some it serves as a subtle, uncomfortable reminder of all the privilege we have been given simply by being born into a certain socioeconomic class, in a particular community, or of a specific ethnicity.

To help our students (and in turn, ourselves) reflect on the concept of social privilege, we are featuring a “Privilege Walk” activity contributed by Bulgaria ETA Meg Dale as our latest Lesson of the Week. While the materials we provide are not enough to fill up an entire lesson, they provide a good base from which to build off, based upon other content related to social issues and inequality you may have previously covered in your class.

You can find the directions and prompts for this activity here.

That’s it for November, but remember to come back throughout December for our final lessons of 2018!

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