Lesson of the Week: My Winter Vacation Comic

Happy Holidays, everyone!

As we enter the final days of 2017, many of our students may be losing focus with the excitement of winter vacation approaching. (Yay, no school! No English class!) When they return to class in a couple of weeks or months, one of the best ways to ease them back into the school mindset is to encourage them to do a reflective activity on their winter vacations. This Lesson of the Week, contributed by South Korea ETA Kayla Smith from an original post on Waygook.org, is designed to help elementary ESL students do just that. Following a brief warm-up presentation, students are given a “My Winter Vacation” comic worksheet to express what they had done in their free time through art and simple English phrases. You can download materials for this lesson below.

  1. Presentation
  2. Worksheet

We at Fulbridge will be taking a winter break for the month of January, as well. It’s been great to share lesson materials with you throughout 2017, and please check back in February 2018 for more great lessons from ETAs around the world!

Happy New Year!

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