Lesson of the Week: Christmas Minute to Win It

Christmas Minute to Win It by Hillary Veitch (South Korea ETA)

It’s almost Christmas, and if your students are anything like those the US, they likely have little to no focus left at this point in the semester. Most are either exhausted by final exams or distracted by the approaching holidays and winter break. It can be difficult to engage them in any language when they’re in such a mood, so why not try some games to keep both them and you alive during this time?

Former South Korea ETA Hillary Veitch developed a Christmas-themed lesson centered around games from the American TV series Minute to Win It. While admitting that it does take a fair amount of prep work for the teacher to put together, Hillary reports that all of her classes “had a blast with it.” You can download materials for lesson and the activities involved below:

  1. Game Rules
  2. Presentation File

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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