Lesson of the Week: Harry Potter and Personality












Harry Potter and Personality by Zoe Gioja (South Korea ETA)– adapted from E. Humphrey and Anna Cesa


Our featured lesson for this week is one made for middle and high school classes, and covers personality adjectives through characters from Harry Potter!

The files for this lesson include a Lesson Plan and a PowerPoint that cover each of the main characters in the story, along with their most distinct personality characteristics. The lesson plan also includes link suggestions for video clips to highlight each of the characters. After covering each of the characters and the adjectives, you can play a game with your students to quiz them on what they’ve learned. Provide them with a sentence description of each personality adjective, and have them write down the word that’s being described. Each correct answer receives a point.

If you choose to, you can also use this lesson as a lead in for a discussion on politicians and the 2016 Presidential Election if you choose to cover it.

Furthermore, as the election is less than two weeks away, next week’s lesson post will be about the Presidential Election!


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