Lesson of the Week: Halloween


Ghostbusters Halloween by Rebecca Brower (South Korea ETA)


Halloween is coming! So to help you out with lesson planning, this week’s post features a Halloween lesson. It is an edited version of a lesson I made and used last year, it is also elementary level so it will need to be tweaked for higher levels.

The first part of the lesson is about a ten or fifteen minute PowerPoint with some of the main characteristics of Halloween celebrations in America. The second part is a Ghostbusters movie-themed card game; the PowerPoint is a quiz of the information covered in the first part of class, and for each question a team answers correctly, they can choose a card (from a grid laid out on the board) to earn team points. Each of the cards has either a ghost, zombie, vampire, witch or pumpkin, along with a corresponding point value. There is one ghost that has the highest point value, but can also be used for an automatic win for the team that finds it. The cards take some time to prep, but everything else is ready to go.

The files for the lesson include:

  1. Halloween PowerPoint
  2. Ghostbuster’s Game PowerPoint
  3. Ghostbuster’s Game Cards


Happy Halloween planning! We’ll see you next week with a lesson including the characters from Harry Potter.

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