Lesson of the Week: The Presidential Election



The Presidential Election by Rebecca Brower (South Korea ETA)

Welcome to the post-Halloween time of the year, the time when many have already started their countdown to Christmas!

It will be a few weeks yet before we start featuring holiday themed lessons, so for now here’s one to help you prepare for next week’s election. It’s an elementary level lesson that questions the students’ knowledge of our current and past presidential leaders, as well as providing a basic description for this year’s top two candidates, and allowing the students to discuss what they would do as president. I tried to keep the presentation as unbiased as possible so that that the students can vote at the end of class. The content can be modified for secondary level students in order to take a more in-depth look at the specifics of the election.

Materials for the lesson include:

  1. Election PowerPoint
  2. Election Ballots

Check back next week for lesson ideas on using American song lyrics in class!

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