Lesson of the Week: Mad Libs


My Horrible Vacation and Fast and Furious: Streets of Korea by Rebecca Brower (South Korea ETA)

This week I wanted to share a couple of lessons that I used recently in my elementary school classes. As a kid, I always enjoyed Mad Lib stories, so I wrote a couple of stories for my classes using key phrases from the lessons in the textbook. These can be used as they are, modified for a different level, or used as inspiration to create something different! Here they are:

  1. My Horrible Vacation- I used this story for my fifth graders, who were practicing the past tense within a lesson titled How Was Your Vacation? First I went around the room and asked the kids for words to complete the word list, and then had them complete a word find while I filled in the PowerPoint. I read it to them in English first, and then Korean. The files include the PowerPoint and Word Document with the word list, story, and Korean translation (for ETA’s in Korea).
  2. Fast and Furious: The Streets of Korea- As the title suggests, this story was based off of the Fast and Furious movie series in the United States (a few kids knew the movies, and some had heard of Paul Walker). I used it in my sixth grade classes, and incorporated key phrases from two different lessons: I’m Taller Than You and Because I Got a New Camera. First I explained the basic premise of the movies, and then showed them part of the trailer for Furious 7; up to the point where Paul Walker’s character runs the full length of a bus that’s sliding off of a cliff. After the video we filled in word list (one per student) before I plugged them into the PowerPoint. My co-teacher then helped to translate the story. The kids loved the video and had fun with story, and even seemed to like the photo-shopped movie images bearing the faces of actors from the famous Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun. For ETA’s in other countries, images and story location can be tailored to fit your placement country. The files include the PowerPoint and Word Document with the story and word list.

Good luck, and check back next week for a lesson to help you prepare for October 31st- Halloween is coming!


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