Lesson of the Week: Going to a Restaurant

Going to a Restaurant by Meghan Cioci & Rebecca Kanter (Brazil ETAs)

If you were to ask your students to shout out some American foods, what kinds of responses could you expect to receive? Likely something along the lines of: “Hamburger!” “Hot Dog!” “Pizza!” What if you asked about restaurants? Chances are “McDonald’s!” would be the first response, followed by a few other scattered fast food restaurant names which have spread throughout the world with globalization. While these foods and restaurants do play a large role in US society and life, they certainly are not all that we eat.

That’s why when Brazil ETAs Meghan Cioci and Rebecca Kanter taught a university workshop on US restaurant culture, they chose to take a different approach, highlighting things like apps where people can read reviews and make reservations as well as the influence that immigration has had on regional cuisine throughout the country. Meghan and Rebecca make several comparisons to Brazilian restaurant/eating culture throughout their lesson, but the material could be easily adapted to fit many different placement countries. You can access the materials for their lesson—originally posted on the Latin American Teaching Collab site—below.

  1. Presentation File
  2. Vocabulary List

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