Lesson of the Week: “Expressing Belief and Opinion”

“Expressing Belief and Opinion” was submitted by an Indonesia ETA

In order to have successful classroom discussions, it is necessary that students are given the tools (or vocabulary) necessary to carry on a discussion. In “Expressing Belief and Opinion” contributed by an Indonesia ETA, students are asked to form opinions on various topics and engage in a conversation with their peers about those opinions.

The grammar points are modeled by various dialogues before students are asked to articulate their opinions. This lesson also taps into current events as students are prompted to explore a social issue and articulate their emotions regarding the various social issues featured in the powerpoint. For additional practice, there is a worksheet using the words “prefer,” “like,” and “rather,” that can be used to help further student learning. The lesson materials can be found below:

1. Lesson Plan Write-Up

2. Lesson Plan Powerpoint

3. Supplemental Worksheet

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