Lesson of the Week: Feminism and Men: Masculinity and #MeToo

Masculinity and #MeToo was contributed by South Korea ETA, Meghan Duffey for Advanced High School students.

While English does not have an explicitly gendered language, words like “feminism” may come across as an inherently and exclusively feminine. ETA Meghan Duffey sought to expand her students’ knowledge of such words. In Feminism and Men: Masculinity and #MeToo, teachers and students can explore notions of masculinity, and the relationship masculinity has to feminist movements such as the #MeToo movement. This lesson features a combination of videos, social media posts, and discussion questions to structure the exploration of masculinity and feminism in a secondary classroom. This lesson encourages students to think about their own feelings and biases toward masculinity, and to listen to the various perspectives of their classmates. 

The discussion portion of this lesson was framed as a Socratic Seminar which was previously introduced to the students. Thus, this exact lesson would take up two 50-minute periods (one period to introduce seminars, one period to discuss Feminism and Men). The Socratic Seminar and Feminism and Men: Masculinity and #MeToo lesson can be found below:

  1. Feminism and Men: Masculinity and #MeToo Powerpoint
  2. Socratic Seminar PowerPoint
  3. Socratic Seminar Rubric

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