Lesson of the Week: Summer Fun

Summer Fun by Ämi Barrows (South Korea ETA)

It’s June now, which means that it’s almost officially summer! (At least in the Northern Hemisphere…) Students (and teachers) around the world have a particular fondness for summer, with all the warm weather activities, seasonal foods, and absence of classes it has to offer. If you’re looking for a way to engage younger students with a class about summery delights, this Lesson of the Week, “Summer Fun” by South Korea ETA Ämi Barrows may be just the lesson for you. Students get the chance to talk about summer activities, survey one another about their favorite parts of summer, and even build sand castles! You can download Ämi’s materials below:

  1. Presentation File
  2. Survey Worksheet

Enjoy your summer! We at Fulbridge have still got a few more Lesson of the Week postings up our sleeves for the month of June before taking a summer break of our own in July, so keep checking back this month for more lessons!

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