Lesson of the Week: Quantifiers – Some, Many, Most, A Lot

Quantifiers – Some, Many, Most, A Lot by Sinia Amanonce (Czech Republic ETA)

English is not a simple, straightforward language. Articles, prepositions, quantifiers—these small, seemingly insignificant words can easily confuse English language learners, and while they may flow effortlessly from the lips of us native speakers, it is often difficult for us to explain when to use (or not use) such words in a comprehensible manner. Fortunately, Czech Republic ETA Sinia Amanonce has designed a lesson to aid understanding.

In her lesson, Sinia explains the basic rules defining which quantifiers to use before having students practice with a fill-in-the-blanks activity and two interactive Jeopardy games. You can view her presentation file here. The final slide of the file contains links to the Jeopardy games.

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