Lesson of the Week: Pluck the Turkey Thanksgiving Trivia

Pluck the Turkey Thanksgiving Trivia by Robyn Kincaide (South Korea ETA)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many of us ETAs are excited to share with our students our enthusiasm for this holiday about giving thanks, visiting family, and gorging ourselves to bloatation. In many cases, however, students who have had American English teachers in the past have been hearing about turkey and pumpkin pie for years, and are a bit… over it all. If you think that may be the case for your classes, why not try testing your students over their Thanksgiving knowledge with an interactive trivia game?

This Pluck the Turkey Thanksgiving Trivia game by South Korea ETA Robyn Kincaide asks student teams to show off what they know about Thanksgiving for the chance to shamelessly sabotage their classmates by plucking feathers from other teams’ virtual turkeys. Questions are worth one, two, or three feathers based on their difficulty. You can download the game file here.

Happy plucking!

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