Lesson of the Week: Narrative Text

Narrative Text  by Ayat Abourashed (Indonesia ETA)

In Indonesia, students learn about all the different types of writing forms. In particular, they really love to learn about narrative texts. Normally, the curriculum has students spend anywhere from 3-5 weeks studying this. So why not make it a bit more interactive and have the students act?

For this lesson, I actually included 3 weeks worth of lesson planning. The first week is the actual learning process: what is narrative text and an activity using an example of narrative text (the classic Hansel and Gretel). The second week is simple: students work on a skit about an Indonesian legend. For the last week, sit back and enjoy your students perform!

Download the lesson materials using the following links:

  1.  3 Week Narrative Text Lesson Plans
  2. Hansel and Gretel Story & Questions

Check next week for a lesson about pen pals!

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