Lesson of the Week: March Madness

March Madness by Christine Oh (South Korea ETA)

For all those out there who are die-hard college basketball fans, this is the month to share the excitement of March Madness with your students! The national tournament is less than a week away now, so we’re sharing a lesson that you can use in your classes.

The first part of the lesson is an explanation of March Madness; what it is and who participates, along with some related vocabulary. The second part of the lesson is a bracket of Pokemon characters, where students predict which character will win and then go through four challenge rounds (as a class) to determine the outcome. Each round of the “tournament” is different; the first is chosen by the teacher; the second is determined by rock, paper, scissors; the third is picked by the winner of a quiz game, and the last round depends on a game of “basketball” played with a trash can and a ball. Like any lesson, you can choose to modify is as you see fit, either by changing the teams in the bracket, or by changing the challenges used to determine the winner of the bracket.

The files for the lesson can be downloaded using the following links:

  1. March Madness PowerPoint
  2. March Madness Bracket
  3. March Madness Teams

Even if you are not a big sports fan, this lesson is designed to be fun for all in the end. So have a ball, and check back next week for another lesson from a different country!

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