Lesson of the Week: Bon Appetit!


Bon Appetit by Taylor Sutton (South Korea ETA) & Ben Harris (South Korea ETA)

It’s starting to feel a little like fall here in South Korea, so this week I wanted to share a lesson that combines fall with one thing all students love- food!

Bon Appetit is a two-part lesson created by two South Korean ETA’s and used in high school level classes, but the theme and lesson ideas can be modified and used for any level to teach students about cooking terms and fall foods from America (including pumpkin pie and fried apples). The lesson plan includes: cooking vocabulary, an introduction to fall food ingredients, recipe writing practice,  a short game to review and a group recipe creating contest to test the students on what they’ve learned.

For those who want to save this lesson for a later time, it can also be modified to include some of your favorite home recipes to share with students. Students aren’t the only ones who love food!


  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Worksheet 1
  3. Worksheet 2
  4. PPT 1
  5. PPT 2

Happy lesson planning!

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