Lesson of the Week: Frozen Lesson

Frozen Lesson by Jet Cessant & Jessica Zucker (South Korea ETAs)

It’s now been five years since Disney’s hit movie Frozen was released in theaters, and yet many ETAs can likely attest that their students still howl the lyrics to “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” as often as ever. As the weather gets chillier in much of the world, why not indulge your students with a lesson based off the film?

Former South Korea ETAs Jet Cessant and Jessica Zucker designed this Frozen-themed lesson, incorporating a complete-the-lyrics activity and an excuse-writing activity, in which students explain to the character Anna why in fact they do not want to build a snowman. You can download materials for this lesson below:

  1. Presentation file
  2. “Let It Go” lyrics worksheet
  3. Snowman excuse letter template

Stay warm this week, and don’t let the cold bother you 😉

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