Lesson of the Week: Easter (Part 2)


Secondary Easter Lesson by Beilin Ye and Jenny/Inherron

This lesson was compiled form various resources on ETAB. It works really well with both middle school boys and girls. It’s a powerpoint (full of colorful pictures, etc), youtube videos (of the Obama White House Easters with Justin Bieber, J.K. Rowling, etc.), and game (see below):

“During the powerpoint, have the students read the sentences out loud and asked them what the words meant i.e. “What is a bunny? –a rabbit! –How is a bunny different from a rabbit? –Don’t know! –A bunny is a baby rabbit! –OOOOHHHH!” etc.

I did an “Easter Egg Hunt” at the end where students had to use English directions (i.e. go left! go right! go straight! turn around!) to direct another student to the hidden “easter egg”.
For the egg, I cut out an egg-like shape from construction paper, glued some cut-up pieces of copy paper from the recycle bin on it, and then laminated it. Try to get it large enough that students in the back of the class can see, but small enough that it fits in your pocket. We had a lot of fun putting it in my (or a student’s or a coteacher’s) pocket and walking around the room while the students yell “Go straight! Turn around! Go straight! Turn around!” (quote from one class where the ‘hunter’ was especially slow to catch on: “Teacher, this is getting cruel…”) I had co-teachers who got into the game as well and even parents who were observing my class.

My classes are mixed level, but some have more low level students while some have more high level ones. For the former, I just taught them the four direction terms. For the latter, I asked students to tell me where the egg is when they found it (i.e. “The egg is inside Jisu’s math textbook.”)

See attached powerpoint and lesson plan. The youtube video links are on the first slide of the powerpoint b/c i needed to start loading them before class.

By the way, the powerpoint is too large, so I split them into Easter A and Easter B. see Replies for part B.”


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