Lesson of the Week: American Elementary Schools vs. Korean Elementary Schools


American Elementary Schools vs. Korean Elementary Schools by Kristen O’Brien (South Korea ETA)

This lesson compares American and Korean Elementary schools! It’s definitely more applicable for Korea, but can be easily adjusted. Some of this information will probably be similar with other Asian Fulbright countries, but it may not be as helpful for other Fulbright placement countries.

My students absolutely loved this lesson and went crazy over it screaming how fun it was. It’s also translated fully into Korean. After the game, the students play bingo with the key vocab words learned during the lesson.

This lesson is probably best for 5th and 6th graders. It’s a bit more difficult for 3rd/4th, but can be scaffolded if you choose simpler words for them to learn for the bingo game. You could also hand out the bingo boards in the beginning, and simply have them write down the word meanings and sounds on the bingo boards so they can just look at them during the game when you call out the words.

I taught this lesson with a guest teacher who also did a self-intro, so if there’s extra time, feel free to supplement other activities.

Materials included
1. Lesson PPT
2. Bingo Cards (premade for 30 students)

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