Lesson of the Week: Codenames

“Codenames” by Hana Yi (South Korea ETA)

Games are a great way to encourage students of any age or ability to practice their English (or in some cases trick them into doing so mwahaha). In our latest Lesson of the Week, South Korea ETA Hana Yi adapted the popular board game Codenames to help her students practice describing things. In some ways a more complicated version of a speed quiz, student teams compete to guess the correct words. Hana provided Korean translations of the rules, but as is often the case students learn best by simply doing a test round of the activity. This game is easily adaptable for varying vocabulary needs. You can access the materials for Hana’s lesson below:

  1. Game PPT File
  2. Game Grids

If you’re looking for more great board games to incorporate into your ESL classroom, check out our previous Lesson Resources of the Month: “Board Games for the Classroom I” and “Board Games for the Classroom II”.

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