Lesson of the Week: Hanukkah



Hanukkah by Elizabeth Glickman (South Korea ETA)

As promised, we’re kicking off the month of December with a holiday lesson. This week we’re featuring a lesson about Hanukkah to help teach students about other holidays, besides Christmas, that are celebrated in the United States during the month of December.

The PowerPoint for this lesson explains the basics of the Jewish Festival of Lights: who celebrates, why it’s celebrated and how. Included in the slideshow are links for Hanukkah songs and other video clips. If your semester is anything like here in Korea, your students are probably hammering their way through exams right now, and will need an interesting lesson like this to give them a mental break.

Click on the following link to download the PowerPoint, and be sure to stay tuned next week for a Christmas lesson!!

Hanukkah PowerPoint

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