Lesson of the Week: American Song Lyrics


Can You Give Me a Hand? by Robyn Kincaide (South Korea ETA) and Making Excuses by Jessica Zucker and Jet Cessant (South Korea ETA’s)


This week we’re featuring two secondary-level lessons that incorporate American songs and fill-in the blank lyrics which complement instruction on key phrases and grammar points.

The first lesson includes practice for the phrase “Can you give me a hand?” and fill in the blank lyrics for three different songs, which are currently popular in the United States. There is a PowerPoint and a worksheet for the students to fill-in the blanks as they listen to the songs. The second lesson is Frozen themed and covers the topics of inviting someone to do something, and making an excuse for being unable to attend. The PowerPoint leads students through examples for politely rejecting an invitation, and follows a letter-writing activity where students make an excuse for not being able to build a snowman. The last part of the lesson is a fill-in the blank activity for the lyrics to “Let It Go.”

The files for the lessons are as follows:

Can You Give Me a Hand PowerPoint

Can You Give Me a Hand Lyrics Worksheet

Making Excuses PowerPoint

Making Excuses Snowman Worksheet

Making Excuses Worksheet 2


Visit our lesson catalog again next week for everything you need to cover what is arguably the best American food holiday- Thanksgiving!!

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