Lesson of the Week: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving and Football by Hillary Veitch (South Korea ETA)


Thanksgiving in America is only about a week away now, so if you’re looking for a great lesson idea we’ve got one!

This lesson from a third-year ETA packs together the history of the American holiday, along with two things many Americans love: food and football. After giving a overview of what the holiday is, why it’s celebrated, and what is done to celebrate, there is a quiz game to test the students on what they learned while also teaching the basics of the game of football. For the game, all you need is the provided cards and game-pieces, along with a “football field” drawn on the board. The two helmet game pieces can be modified to feature your own face, or if you want to make things interesting, those of celebrities adored by your students.

The lesson is high-school level, but can be simplified for elementary or middle school. The lesson files include the following:

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Thanksgiving PowerPoint
  3. Helmet Game Pieces
  4. Football Game Cards

Where ever you are this week for Thanksgiving, we hope it’s enjoyable; with endless amounts of good food available of course!! But don’t forget to check back next week for another featured lesson with a survivor theme!

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