Storytelling Lesson Plan by Lauren Danielowski

We all know that while technology can make our lives easier, it can also be unreliable or non-existent in some places ETAs are sent. Even in countries where technology is prevalent, there will still be days where the computer stops working or the file won’t open (both of them have happened to me!). That’s why I wanted to highlight this low-tech lesson by Lauren. Not only can it be used in classrooms without technology, but it’s also a lesson that you can scaffold based on your student needs. It was done with middle school classes in India, but can definitely be used anywhere with mid to high level students!

Basically, you prepare some writing/drawing materials and an object to be featured in the story. After passing around the object and asking the students to describe it verbally, you have them create a storyboard with a drawing and a sentence in each panel, and then they can present their story to the class.

I offer you a picture drawn by one of my students, based on The Mud Pony

Lauren says she did some lessons prior to this about adjectives and verbs, as well as the components of stories. Can anyone say “Storytelling Unit?” One caution though- as with anything with coloring/drawing, it may take longer than you think for some students, and others will finish much faster. Remember to prepare something fun for the early finishers, or learn your school’s homework policy/student situations beforehand to know if the students can take it home and finish it there!

The complete lesson plan, along with some other storytelling lessons, can be found in Secondary/Writing & Interviewing/Storytelling.

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