Speed Interviewing

As some of you may have noticed, it’s been over a year since anything was posted to the Lesson Catalog. Fulbridge has had to weather the pandemic just like everyone else, but this past year we’ve done some exciting new things and have come together the brainstorm more ways to strengthen this international community. We appreciate everyone’s interest and support!

Last year, for the first time, Fulbridge partnered with the Institute of International Education (IIE) to help put on an online orientation/training for all Fulbright ETAs, regardless of their grant country. One of the many great things that came out of that was more additions to the Lesson Database, since all former and new ETAs who participated sent in at least one lesson plan.

Today I want to highlight just one of them- a University level, mock interview lesson plan by John Yang. Basically, it’s speed dating, but professional 🙂 The students make two lines and first ask and answer interview questions prepared by the professor within one minute, and then move down the line to do the same thing with the next student. Afterwards, the students get to think of their own interview questions (sounds like a great way to learn what the host culture thinks is important for hiring!) and do it all over again.

One thing that struck me about this lesson is that the teacher gets to participate, too. They can also be in the line, asking and answering questions, which then gives them a good sense of the various levels of the students, and allows them to have a short conversation. Also, this lesson can easily be converted to online format by using breakout rooms- something that should definitely be considered in these times. The full lesson plan can be found here.

I encourage all the post-secondary/university ETAs check out the University section in our Database for more great ideas. And don’t forget to check back here later for more highlights- Fulbridge Catalog is back!

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