Minority Opinion Game and Minority Vote Politics

Minority Opinion Game and Minority Vote Politics by Sean Blanco (South Korea ETA)

Ever wanted to encourage a bit of nonconformity amongst your students?

In schools across the world, there is considerable social pressure for students to fit in, follow the most popular fashion trends, and just generally do what everyone else is doing. South Korea ETA Sean Blanco’s Minority Opinion Game and Minority Vote Politics lesson is designed to encourage students to think differently and go against the norm. Inspired by the manga LIAR GAME, the students answer questions based on their opinion, but the catch is that they must be in the minority opinion in order to get a point. They can lie about their opinion to be in the minority but they also have to guess how other students will answer or lie.

This particular lesson plan is focused on explaining American politics (and it includes many Korean translations), but it can be easily adapted to any topic in order to help students express their opinions.

Materials for this lesson can be downloaded here:

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Minority Vote Politics Presentation
  3. Minority Vote Politics Worksheet
  4. Minority Opinion Presentation
  5. Minority Opinion Worksheet

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