Lesson(s) of the Week: Thanksgiving & Hand Turkeys

Thanksgiving & Hand Turkeys by Robert Haley (Taiwan ETA) & Alex Ford (South Korea ETA)

It’s November, which means it’s the unofficial month of the turkey in the USA. Cartoon caricatures of the bird that was once so close to becoming our country’s national symbol will cover stores and classrooms across America as we prepare to feast upon it on the second-to-last Thursday of the month. When we were in school, we did a fair amount of turkey-related activities in class, perhaps the most iconic being the classic turkey drawn from the outline of our hands. 

As ETAs, it is part of our solemn duty of cultural ambassadorship to spread the appreciation of this unique, bird-centric art form around the world. Past ETAs have already embarked upon this mission, so this week we are sharing two different Thanksgiving lessons incorporating the hand turkey.

  1. This lesson by Taiwan ETA Robert Haley introduces Thanksgiving traditions and foods, as well as including hand turkey instructions. You can download his materials below:
    1. Presentation File
    2. Hand Turkey Instructions
  1. This lesson by South Korea ETA Alex Ford compares the Korean holiday Chuseok and American Thanksgiving, and focuses on the idea of giving thanks before moving on to the hand turkey segment. You can download her materials below:
    1. Presentation File
    2. Worksheet

Thank you for reading, and please take it upon yourself to spread the love of hand turkeys across the globe. 😉



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