Lesson(s) of the Week: Superstitions

Superstitions by Max Gollin (Czech Republic ETA), Elizabeth Philippe (South Korea ETA), & Phung Nguyen (South Korea ETA)

October has begun, and that means Halloween is just around the corner. TV networks back in the USA will be constantly playing movies about ghosts, vampires, witches, and more. Behind all these stories? Superstitions. So what better way to get your students into the Halloween spirit than to teach them about superstitions?

Rather than the typical lesson of the week, this time around Fulbridge is featuring three different lessons on this subject. You can view the lessons ETAs have created on superstitions below and choose which one you believe best suits the needs of your students, or borrow from all of them!

Superstitions Lesson #1 by Max Gollin (Czech Republic ETA)

This lesson describes common American superstitions before launching into discussion questions and asking students to invent new superstitions with partners. You can view the presentation file here.

Superstitions Lesson #2 by Elizabeth Philippe (South Korea ETA)

This lesson incorporates a video-viewing activity, describes superstitions regarding both bad and good luck, and asks students to discuss and write about superstitions within their own cultures. You can view the presentation file here.

Superstitions Lesson #3 by Phung Nguyen (South Korea ETA)

This lesson describes superstitions around the world as well as 12 common superstitions in the USA. It also incorporates a video-viewing activity and writing activity for students to describe some of their own culture’s superstitions. You can view the presentation file here and accompanying worksheet here.

Keep checking back every week this month for more delightful (and potentially spooky) lessons from ETAs around the world!

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