Lesson of the Week: What do Americans Eat?


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What Do Americans Eat by Kristen O’Brien (South Korea ETA)

This lesson contains foods Americans typically eat for break, lunch, dinner, and for snacks. It also contains the different types of restaurants in America (family restaurants, diners, fine dining, fast food chains), and will introduce your students to some of the major chains and restaurant brands in the USA!

I haven’t taught this lesson yet– but a friend of mine did, and her elementary kids loved it. Suitable for all ages I think. It’s perfect for the end of the year after finals, when you are able to teach non-textbook lessons, or is perfect whenever you have the ability to teach a lesson without the textbook really. I think it’d also be great for a winter or summer camp, or for a club class.

This started out as a PPT I found on waygook.org, so credit to that person! But I heavily edited and changed most, if not all of the content. I mainly kept the brand slides and food slides. The PPT was translated into Korean as well by my cote and I.

I made a lot of additional materials, so feel free to include or not include items as you see fit. The WS is optional, you could just play a game with your students. I created Go Fish cards, but it may take a lot of work to cut out enough decks for all of your students. The team quiz game is “quiz game style” and only requires the kids to have little white boards or markers or something to write the answers down, or you could have them just say the answers.

Lesson Plan

1) What Do Americans Eat PPT
2) Foods Koreans usually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks activity/WS
– Have students write what they eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner in Korea
4) Team Quiz Game PPT
5) Go Fish Card Game Instructions, Go Fish Cards

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