Lesson of the Week: The Present Perfect Simple Tense

The Present Perfect Simple Tense by a Czech Republic ETA

One of the most difficult parts of learning English is remembering which verb tense to apply when, something that becomes even more complicated when there are irregular verbs involved. As English teachers, it is part of our job to attempt to make the nuances of verb usage clear to students, but it can often be difficult for us native speakers to explain rules that have been naturally ingrained in our minds. Fortunately, our newest Lesson of the Week: “The Present Perfect Simple Tense,” contributed by a Czech Republic ETA, helps to break down the difference between the present perfect tense and the simple past tense in an organized way.

In this lesson, students learn how to form and when to use the present perfect tense, practice with interactive sentence-building drills, and have the chance to compete with their classmates to prove their knowledge through two interactive Jeopardy games.

You can view the presentation file for this lesson here. The final slide of the file contains links to the Jeopardy games.

As always, remember to keep checking back every week for more fabulous lessons from around the world!

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