Lesson of the Week: Myer-Briggs Personality Test (club class)

personality1 personality2 personality3

Myer-Briggs Personality test (club class) by Janine Perri (South Korea ETA) + adapted from resources from waygook.org

This lesson was used for an 80-minute club class, but you can also divide it into two class periods.

First, we talked about personality traits. Then, I introduced the Myers-Brigg. The questions in the PPT and on the sheet are ESL-friendly, and you can have students do the questions by themselves or read the questions on the PPT at the same time.

After tallying their scores, I went through each personality type, asked which students were which personality type, and had them fill out the accompanying sheet.

Materials included
1. Lesson PPT
2. Myers Briggs Score Sheet
3. MBTI Worksheet

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