Lesson of the Week: Music Lesson – Make a Parody!

Music Lesson – Make a Parody! by Paige Whitney (South Korea ETA)

One of the most reliable ways to engage your students and get them excited about learning English is to incorporate recent pop music. In a creative take on a music lesson, South Korea ETA Paige Whitney goes beyond the basic gap-fill and other music-related activities in this Lesson of the Week: “Make a Parody!” to challenge her high-level secondary students to write their own parodies of popular songs. Her students created with brilliant songs about constipation, PowerPoints, eating ramen, and more; just think what your students could come up with! You can access the materials for Paige’s lesson below:

  1. Presentation File
  2. Listening Video

Keep checking back the rest of May for more great lesson content!

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