Lesson of the Week: Immigration in the United States

Immigration in the United States by Ashley Bryant (Brazil ETA)

It’s mid-March, and we’re now only a few days away from St. Patrick’s Day—a holiday during which many Americans celebrate their Irish ancestors. More than 30 million Americans identify themselves as having Irish heritage, a large figure which can still only hint at the immense impact immigration has had on our nation. The United States is a nation of immigrants, yet throughout our history there has been an ever-evolving debate over just how many immigrants we should allow to cross our borders and where these people should and should not be from.

Our newest Lesson of the Week, “Immigration in the United States” by Brazil ETA Ashley Bryant (originally posted on the Latin America Teaching Collab site) is designed to introduce upper-level English language learners to this controversial subject and critically analyze the issues concerned in relation to their own country.

You can download the materials for this lesson below:

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Presentation File

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