Lesson of the Week: Gender Issues and Inequality in the United States

Gender Issues and Inequality in the United States by Pria Mahadevan & Angie Corchado (Brazil ETAs)

March is Women’s History Month, and keeping with the theme started with last week’s LotW by South Korea ETA Jessica Chamorro, we’re featuring another lesson based around societal concepts of gender. “Gender Issues and Inequality in the United States” by Brazil ETAs Pria Mahadevan and Angie Corchado is part of a six-workshop series covering social issues in the US. To warm up, students work together to come up with traits classically considered to be masculine or feminine, providing an excellent segue into the discussion of more complex gender issues like reproductive rights and the wage gap. Pria and Angie’s lesson is designed not only to teach students more about gender inequality in the US, but also to help them consider how the concepts covered relate to their own society. You can access the materials for this lesson—originally posted on the Latin American Teaching Collab site—below.

  1. Presentation File
  2. Worksheet

That’s it for this week, but check back next time for more great materials from another part of the world!

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