Lesson of the Week: End of the Year Thank You Cards

End of the Year Thank You Cards by Paavani Reddy (South Korea ETA)

Only a few days of December remain; 2018 has run its course. Before we start to focus too much on the promises of the new year and the resolutions we may or may not stick to during 2019, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on who and what we have been thankful for in this past year. South Korea ETA Paavani Reddy asked her students to do just that in our last Lesson of the Week for 2018.

As they had a classroom year-end party, students wrote and decorated holiday cards to give to people for whom they have been thankful. You can access her presentation file (as well as the holiday playlist she played while students worked) here.

We’ll be taking a break from Lesson of the Week postings during January, but come back in February for more great ETA-generated content!

Happy New Year!

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